How to convert Java int to String ?

In this tutorial, we have discussed only the efficient ways to convert Java int to String among the ‘n’ number of conversion ways available. Convert using Integer.toString(int) Using this static method available in the Integer class is the most efficient solution among other solutions. This returns the String object representing the specified Int value with … Read more

How to use Java log4j (With example)

Apache Log4j: Log4j is a fast, reliable and flexible logging framework in java, distributed under the Apache software license. Configuring Log4j: Log4j core can be configured using file, which involves defining Appender, assigning the Level, and specifying Layout objects(Format of the log messages). This file keeps configuration properties as a key value pair. By … Read more

How to solve ORA-12560 tns protocol adapter error?

ORA-12560 tns protocol adapter error : ORA-12560 is a generic protocol adaptor error, which mostly occurs when the database is not up. There are also other reasons the error occur.  Actions to resolve ORA-12560: Go to Start -> Run -> Services.msc in Windows. Locate OracleService < SID > (here OracleServiceORCL) and click on Start to start the Oracle database service … Read more

How to solve oracle error ORA-04061

Oracle error ORA-04061: existing state of <varname>string</varname> has been invalidated. ORA-04061 is a common error that occurs when an attempt is made to resume the execution of the stored procedure using the existing state which has become inconsistent or invalid due to change in any of the dependency objects or the procedure itself has been altered or … Read more

How to solve oracle error ORA-12154

 Oracle error ORA-12154: TNS: Could not resolve the connect identifier specified Oracle error ORA-12154 is a common error related to the local copy of the tnsnames.ora file, listener configuration, and the database name alias.  Ensure the listener is listening to the same service name you are using. Check for a missing/malformed entry in the tnsnames.ora … Read more