How to use javascript switch statements?

In this article, lets discuss the usage of the javascript switch statements. Javascript swtich statement is a part of Conditional statements which is used to execute different statements based on different conditions. This is also a better alternative for nested IF/Else statement.

Javascript switch statement evaluates an expression and the value of the evaluation is compared with the values in the each case structure. If there is a match then the associated Case block will be executed. The switch statement is often used together with break and default keywords. However, these keywords are optional.

Optional blocks of Switch

Break keyword breaks out the switch block. It means, it stops the execution of the consequent case blocks.

Default keyword is used to specify the set of code which needs to be executed when there is no case match. There can be only one default block in a switch statement. Although this default block is optional, it is recommended to use it handle the unexpected cases.


switch(expression) {

  case a:

   /* code block to be executed when the expression is evaluated to 'a' */


  case b:

    /* code block to be executed when the expression is evaluated to 'b' */



    /* code block to be executed when the expression is not evaluated to 'a' or 'b' */



var day;

switch (new Date().getDay()) {

  case 0:

    day = "Sunday";


  case 1:

    day = "Monday";


  case 2:

    day = "Tuesday";


  case 3:

    day = "Wednesday";


  case 4:

    day = "Thursday";


  case 5:

    day = "Friday";


  case 6:

    day = "Saturday";



    day = "Unknown Day";


This is the syntax and usage guide of the javascript switch statement.

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how to use javascript switch statement?
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how to use javascript switch statement?
This article explains how to use javascript switch statement which is used to perform different actions based on the different conditions with examples.
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