How To Add User in Ubuntu?


When you install Ubuntu, the first thing you would need is to add users. Because when installing Ubuntu, you’ll be having only root User Created.

Its dangerous to have and work with root user due to its highest privilege which have destructive capabilities.

In this article, you will learn how to add user in your Ubuntu installation.


To add user, you need to have the root user privilege. If you’ve a non root user, you should have an account with the Sudo Privileges.

Adding User

When you’re logged in to the system using the root user, type the following command to add user.

adduser newuser

When you’re logged in to the system using the non root user with the sudo privileges, type the following command to add user.

sudo adduser newuser
  • newuser should be replaced with your desired username

Press Enter, you’ll be asked to enter the password.

Enter the password.

You’ll be asked with other questions which are optional. Press enter if you would like to skip it.

Finally, the information you’ve entered will be displayed for your confirmation. Press ‘Y’ if you would like to confirm.

The command will create user and copy the files from the /etc/skel directory to the users home directory. Within the home directory, the user can write, edit, and delete files and directories.


Your user is created and ready for use. You shall login with the password you’ve selected during user creation.